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    Reduced Risk


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    3D means

    Maximizing Benefits


    for grantors and beneficiaries

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Grantors & Beneficiaries

LifeTrust 3D™ means continual management, monitoring & review of your ever-changing life insurance policies.  This is done through a state of the art, secure, on-line process to ensure your benefits are always maximized.


Trustees & Fiduciaries

Our proprietary 3D Process™ will assist you in meeting the standards set forth by the UPIA.  It also reduces risk by organizing, automating and efficiently helping you administer, manage and monitor all of your policies.


The 3D Process™

Our unique process analyzes your policies three-dimensionally; meaning from all angles and perspectives, so we can deliver consistent and quantifiable outcomes to ensure you are confident in the security of your life insurance portfolios.




02/23/2017 - Life Insurance Maturity Provision Prophecies: Take a moment to read our latest commentary regarding life expectancy and imminent affects on the policy. We explore various case illustrations, reflecting common policy types and maturity risks associated with them. Click to learn MORE>

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